• 3 Stages

    The Magical Stage

    to put the spell on you

    Carefully selected acts show everything they have.....

    The Forest Stage

    music in the woods

    Under a roof of leaves you can enjoy beautiful artists.

    The Late Night Bar

    for the cooling down

    A final drink with the last artist or DJ.

    What do you want more from life?

    And to avoid you miss the delicious breakfast, LTM stops at 3h:00

  • Time Table LTM 2016

  • Magical Stage: Friday 00h00

    Pierce Brothers have taken their music from busking on the streets of Melbourne to the world. Their irresistible energy and world-class live show has generated a word of mouth buzz not seen for sometime. The acclaimed live act has been shaking dance floors and selling out rooms across UK, Europe, Canada, USA & their native Australia.

  • The graveltones

    Magical Stage: Saturday 17h30

    The Graveltones

    With their Lyrics being compared to Dylan, Riffs to Rage Against The Machine, Vocals to Howling Wolf and Beats to Bonham it's easy to see why The Graveltones have stirred up so much noise of late. An easily identifiable original sound.

  • Town of saints

    Magical Stage: Saturday 23h30

    Town of Saints

    The Dutch/Finnish Town of Saints started as a busking act in 2010, when Harmen Ridderbos (lead vocal/guitar) and Heta Salkolahti (violin/vocals) met each other in the mountains of Austria. The following five years the duo toured extensively throughout Europe. Meanwhile transforming from an upbeat indie-folk act to a five-headed groove-machine.

  • You RasKal You

    Magical Stage: Friday 18h00

    You Raskal You

    A mix of old soul and funk. Sloppy backing vocals and a horn section, that's You Raskal You.

    The perfect summer sound.

  • Donnerwetter

    Magical Stage: Saturday 21h30


    A band that you must listen to if you like music with balls, brain and a heart.

    Website: www.donnerwetterband.com

  • Dez Mona

    Magical Stage: Friday 20h00

    Dez Mona

    The band’s lead singer, Gregory Frateur, cuts an enigmatic figure. His chameleonic voice seems to span a full three octaves and is highly, sometimes uncomfortably, charged with emotion. But for all the self-flaying vulnerability of his performance, he maintains an aura of aloofness, with eyes closed except for brief moments of direct communication with his band members.

    Website: www.dezmona.com

  • Indian askin

    Magical Stage: Saturday 19h30

    Indian Askin

    No doubt about it, Indian Askin is one of the promises of 2016. This young band from Amsterdam mixes a retro 70s sound with contemporary pop. And when life is fair, the Single “Answers” has to be a radio hit.

    Website: http://indianaskin.com

  • Trevor sensor

    Forest Stage: Friday 19h00

    Trevor Sensor

    From the first moments of Trevor Sensor's debut EP for Jagjaguwar, Texas Girls and Jesus Christ, the Illinois-born 22-year-old singer/songwriter's distinctive burr of a voice sounds aged decades beyond his years. The rest of the young talent's music follows suit, too, with timeless-sounding melodies and a sense of songwriting that exudes maturity while still feeling fresh.

  • Aidan Knight

    Forest Stage: Saturday 16h30

    Aidan Knight

    Aidan Knight is a songwriter and performer from Victoria Canada. Aidan’s been making music since his teens and has been putting out music since 2010. Aidan’s laid back west coast approach perfectly suits in the valley.


    Forest Stage: Friday 23h00


    Storksky is a brand new musical project that plays loud alternative rock music along the lines of QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures and Jack White.


    Forest Stage: Friday 17h00

    Hein Cooper

    “Everything starts with a guitar and a loop pedal.”

    Fresh from playing the iconic Falls Festival, a year of touring the world and developing his craft, Sydney based singer/songwriter Hein Cooper enters 2016 with bold intent in the leadup to the release of his much anticipated debut album, The Art of Escape.

  • jick munro & the amazing laserbeams

    Magical Stage: Saturday 13h30

    Jick Munro & the Amazing Laserbeams

    Handclappin’, feetstompin’, houserockin’ and bootyshakin’ music! 

    Displaying a unique cross-over style containing elements of bluegrass, country, folk, blues and Americana, this 7-piece band from the south of the Netherlands is most known for their sheer joy on stage as well as their vocal harmonies.

  • BAREFOOT & The shoes

    Forest Stage: Saturday 14h30

    Barefoot & the Shoes

    Barefoot And The Shoes is a promising Indie-folk band from Belgium. Their songs range from a stew of alchemical tales and tunes to a hodgepodge of burning sand, licorice root, rag pop, a golden ducat, a shark’s tail and two twigs of rosemary.

  • TAmarin Desert

    Forest Stage: Saturday 18h30

    Tamarin Desert

    Spacepopping psychrock outfit
    from the Netherlands

  • Late Night Bar: Saturday night 00:45

    Delaney Davidson

    Part man part wheel, Delaney Davidson is part wandering minstrel, part travelling salesman. One hand holds a small brown suitcase; his trade, his ghost orchestra, the other holds his guitar. One foot firmly in the Blues Trash corner of the ring, the other on the road

  • i have a tribe

    Forest Stage: Saturday 12h45

    I Have A Tribe

    After recording his debut EP with Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey/Anna Calvi) and Conor O’Brien of Villagers, Patrick O’Laoghaire aka I Have A Tribe, was then hand-picked to tour Europe with Anna Calvi, opened for Villagers’ Irish homecoming show and performed at Electric Picnic and CMJ in New York. I Have A Tribe’s blend of plaintive pop and folk-tinged melancholia has never been more evident

  • JacLe Bow

    Forest Stage: Saturday 22h30

    Some caption here

    JACLE BOW is a band from Bruxelles and sounds like the rebirth of The Faces, with the groove of Keith and the cool of Reed. Rock and Roll is back!

  • Pocket Knife Army

    Forest Stage: Friday 21h00

    Pocket Knife Army

    Pocket Knife Army is the project of Desirée Coumans (vocals, looper, acoustic guitar) and Erwin Tuijl (synths and programming, electric guitar).

    They've created a style of their own by combining expressive vocals with electronics, keeping clear focus on the live experience. Each song is a world on it’s own, with sometimes extreme shifts in dynamics

  • sleepers' reign

    Forest Stage: Sunday 14h30

    Sleepers' Reign

    King Into Delight is the album debut for Sleepers’ Reign, from Herentals, Belgium. It was a bass riff that grew into the track of the same name, back in 2010. It turned out to be a genuine pop song, born out of experimentalism, which at this moment still truly represents the band’s musical identity.

  • Little Kim and the Alley Apple 3

    Forest Stage: Saturday 20h30

    Little Kim

    Known as the female Pokey Lafarge the band will play a mix of Retro-swing & Americana.

    Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 is a band to cherish, for sultry summer nights and gloomy winter evenings in dirty old bars.

    Website: http://littlekim.be

  • Darlyn

    Magical Stage: Saturday 15h30


    Raw, rootsy, and free, but with an elegant edge: this is Darlyn in a nutshell. After the release of the singles I Still Recall and Higher, the six-member band released its debut EP Fallow Land. In a sold out Paradiso performance, loyal and new audiences listened to an evening program from these multi-talented artists who know how to touch the hearts of their listeners directly with their honest sound.

  • Protection Patrol Pinkerton

    Magical Stage: Friday 22h00

    After winning Belgian rock rally De Beloften in 2012 and signing to Waste My Records shortly afterwards, things went fast for Protection Patrol Pinkerton. First single Future = Our Home became a smash hit on Belgian national radio and announced a warmly welcomed titleless debut album and a jam packed summer tour. Two years later, the indie pop quintet returns with Good Music Beautiful People, a heartfelt pop masterpiece which combines the summer vibes of Vampire Weekend with the gloomy grandeur of Perfume Genius.

    Website: www.pppband.com