• Lineup

    Un éclectique brassage de genres, du bluegrass swinguant au folk intimiste, psychedelica et garage pop….

    Enjoy les video's

  • Vedredi 10 aout

    Magical Stage

    19:00 Love Machine

    22:00 Eilen Jewell

    24:00 True Strays

    Forest Stage

    17:00 Polly & Bruce

    20:00 Alcuna Wilds

    23:00 PEER

    Kingdom of Dreams

    18:00 Bear Valour

    21:00 3hattrio

    1:00 Funke & the two Tone Baby

  • Samedi 11 aout

    Magical Stage

    14:00 Dadawaves

    16:00 Sasha & The Shades

    19:00 Chemtrails

    22:00 The Silverfaces

    24:00 Trongate Rum Riots

    Forest Stage

    11:00 Trongate Rum Riots

    15:00 Wendy McNeill

    17:00 June Bug

    20:00 Snowapple

    23:00 Freeborn Brothers

    Kingdom of Dreams

    10:00 Polly & Bruce

    13:00 JC Duffhues

    18:00 After The Bees

    21:00 Scott Yoder

    01:00 DJ

  • Dimanche 12 aout

    Forest Stage

    12:00 Audri

    14:00 Uncle Wellington

    Kingdom of Dreams

    10:30 Snowapple

    13:00 Undskyld

    15:00 Mississippi Swimmers

  • Eilen Jewel (USA)

    Eilen Jewell - Queen of the Minor Key.

    Sultry surf- noir and dynamic Americana music

    True Strays (UK)

    Delta Rock & Roll Revivalists. Bristol brethren born for blues fuelled, foot-stompin, late-night hoedowns. Contemporising good time rock n roll with a southern twist.

    Snowapple (NL)

    Snowapple is a group of multi-instrumentalists / singers from Amsterdam and Mexico. Playing original songs which they describe themselves as pop/folk/opera/avant-garde-cumbia.

    Funke and the Two Tone Baby (UK)

    Kent-based mechanical alt-blues band. Effects pedals, beat boxing, grooving bass lines, traditional instrumentation & vocals.

    DadaWaves (BE)

    DadaWaves is a semi-psychedelic pop band founded by singer/songwriter Jasper Stockmans.

    The Freeborn Brothers (POL)

    They wanna give you fun and they take you on a trip to their world where gypsy meets american folk, The Freeborn Brothers are here to give you relief in hard times, to put smile on your face and make you dance!

    Love Machine (DE)

    It‘s all about energy, groove, repetition and minimalism. Doing nothing but the right thing at the right time. It‘s about the depths of the universe and of the human soul - LOVE MACHINE‘s blend of Americana and Krautrock will make you feel it!

    June Bug (FR)

    June Bug has an alternative approach to Folk Music, where electronic and saturated sounds merge with the harmonies of human voices, guitars, percussions and synthesizers.

    Scott Yoder (USA)

    An electrified & theatrical band of clammy freaks!

    Scott Yoder from Seattle, is a anti folk talent in the meaning of the really raw troubadours waves, somehow rare nowadays. He was leading the rock band The Pharmacy, then joined Kymia Dawson 's band. Now he's here with beautiful songs, sweet and melancholic & raw. That's great songwriting.

    Freeborn Brothers (POL)

    They bring you chaos! They bring fun! They are going to take you on a trip to a world where gypsy meets american folk, where melodies and energy means more then anything else before! the Freeborn Brothers make you dance.

    Chemtrails (UK)

    Chemtrails are a new psychedelic garage rock band from London, founded and fronted by guitarists and vocalists Mia Lust and Laura Orlova. They make catchy psychedelic pop music with a raw, fuzzy sound.

    Trongate Rum Riots (SCO)

    Trongate Rum Riots hail from Glasgow, a city as soaked in salty maritime tradition as their music. Originally forming as a sea shanty band to revive this rich and emotive style of music, the band has evolved over the past five years to incorporate the many influences its troupe of musicians bring on board. Their style ranges from sweaty punk to dirty folk, with the occasional bluesy lick and Balkan riffs.

    The Silverfaces (NL)

    Catchy rock with a psychedelic touch

    Anyone who witnesses the band live, knows that it’s quite the experience. Fans ranging from teens who discovered their parents’ sixties and seventies records to the parents themselves!

    Uncle Wellington (BE))

    Oscillating between charming pop and soul with a hip-hop vibe, Uncle Wellington creates a universe in which hybrid drums are seductively intertwining with melancholic electronica. Between acoustic beauty and analogue experiment. Between raw poetry and sweet delusion.

    Wendy McNeill (CA)

    Originally from the Canadian prairies, Wendy's songs retain her love of wide open space and the longing that such big skies can generate. A fan of 'underdogs', 'strange cats' and brave hearts, these are often the centerpieces of her songs that she shapes with looped vocals, accordion, and guitar. A compelling blend of the bold and the vulnerable with hints of cabaret and spoken word.

    PEER (NL)

    The dates of birth in the passports of Middelburg’s indie rock band PEER are 1998 and 1999. Incredibly, these young musicians have already appeared at many major festivals, won numerous competitions, received glowing reviews and have now been selected for Popronde 2016.

    Within months of forming, the band won the 2014 Buma Music Academy Award and a series of regional band competitions. Early last year they released ‘Change Me’, their first single, recorded with producer Eric van Tijn, assisted by Lange Frans. Several gigs later, including Concert at Sea and support for Jett Rebel, in late 2015 they released a second single and video clip ‘Get Out!’.

    3Hattrio (USA)

    3Hattrio plays American Desert Music.

    Their aim is to create a new music which responds to the natural world of their sacred homeland near Zion National Park in southern Utah. They also strive to acknowledge the cultural traditions of generations of people who have worked and lived on the deserts of the American southwest. The subject matter of the songs is often desert oriented, sometimes not. Mostly, they express the desert experientially from a daily-ness of watching light off distant mesas and hearing the way sound plays off sheer sandstone cliffs. Then they play music. They don’t over-think it. The music is spacious, atmospheric, mirage-like, spiced with old-time cowboy, classical, jazz, and Caribbean overtones.

    Bear Valour (NL)

    Bear Valour (previously known as Book of Eli) is the band formed by lead singer/guitarist Aileigh Awad. With four singers, two guitars, a subtle synth and a rugged double bass, they create dark, dreamy folk with longing melodies and dangerously intertwined vocal harmonies. Their concerts are described as magical and characterized by an intimate, warm atmosphere.

    Polly & Bruce (NL)

    After years of living in ignorance, distant relatives Polly & Bruce (Sanne Samina Hanssen, Woody Veneman) ran into each other under Milkwood.

    There, between the whispering pines they found their common voice. The couple started working on a steady stage act during an intensive stay at the shallow mudflats of the Lowlands. That might be the reason why the songs are heavenly injected with rural words, smells and sounds.

    Sasha & the Shades (UK)

    Sasha & The Shades are a five piece band fronted by Sasha Adamczewski on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, backed by Tom Julian Jones on lead guitar and harmonica, Sam Rutland on bass and vocals, and Jonah Winslet on drums, and Eli Rose on Vocals. Sasha’s powerful voice and mysterious demeanour command the attention of any room and lend themselves to incredibly atmospheric performances. The musicianship, strong backbeat and Texas twang of the band provide an energy that is sure to get any audience’s feet shuffling.

    AUDRI (BE)

    Audri has been singing and playing the piano ever since she was a kid. Over time she started sharpening her skills as a songwriter and also took up an interest in production these past years. Her first live-shows were at Belgium tastemaker ‘Dj Lefto presents’ and various stunning supports for Mount Kimbie, Warhaus and Tamino. Those shows gained her the award for ‘Most Promising Artist’ at the Belgium Red Bull Elektropedia Awards.

    After the Bees (FR)

    Formation surprenante qui mêle guitare, chant et harpe, After the Bees évolue dans un univers folk délicat qui s’autorise quelques incartades rock. Alexandra Guillot, chanteuse et guitariste du projet en est à l'origine. Elle co-compose aujourd'hui avec la harpiste Cécile Gravot une musique très singulière.

    Mississippi Swimers (BE)

    Tribute to Jeff Buckley pas Hooversonic chanteur Pieter Peirsman


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